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The Social Welfare Society for Weaker Communities, Kadapa

Add.: Main Road, Muddanur
Pin: 516380
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 91-8560-202032
Email: swswc.org@gmail.com
Contact Person: B. Mark
Purpose : Agricultural, sericulture, horticulture, social forestry, ecological balances, environmental situations, drinking water, agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, sheep and goat.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : To open institution to teach morals of the basis education and sanitary habits among the girijans, harijan converts christians, backward and rural agricultural labour in the district. To remove the bad habit like un-touchability among the girijans harijans, harijan converts, christians, backwards and rural agriculture and labour and educate them by opening libraries and reading rooms. To serve and uplift the harijans, girijans, harijan converts, christians, backward and rural agriculture labour, society, educationally and agriculturally. To solve the problems among the educated by opening adult schools, balvadi centres, agricultural training institutes, social welfare schools to the girijans, harijans, harijan converts, christians, backward and agriculture labour in rural areas. To open free feeding centres in the district for the poor and needy people at the time of famine. To encourage and give training in small scale industries in rural areas to solve the un-employment problem among the educated. New plantation scheme shall be arranged in the rural areas by the help of social organizations. To construct houses to the harijans, girijans, harijan converts, christians, backwards in the rural areas by the members of the society by means of sramadan. Sharing our good will and efforts for the betterment of harijans, girijans, harijan converts, christians, backward rural agriculture labour morally, socially, educationally and agriculturally.

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