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Andhra Pradesh is called The “Rice Bowl of India” because the state produces the largest amount of Rice in the Country. Andhra Pradesh is a very cultural state in terms of religion, music, dance, arts, literature and architecture, tasty food with so many historical monuments and the temple like Tirumala. Andhra Pradesh is famous for its Kuchipudi dance and sankranti festival.

Telugu is the official and classical language in Andhra Pradesh. Other languages which are usually spoken in the state are Tamil, Uriya and Kannad. Andhra Pradesh state has the most population of Hindu and has minor amount of Muslim, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and Buddhists in Andhra Pradesh. The state has the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Andhra Pradesh is known for Handmade Dolls made by mud, wood, dry grass, and lightweight metals. The growth of state is depending upon the agriculture and Industries. Andhra Pradesh Exports many Food products. Most of people in the state are earning money from agriculture. Rice is the main crop; besides it farmers also cultivate wheat, maize, jawar, bajra, mango, pulses, sugarcane, nuts, oil seeds, black pepper, cotton, tobacco etc.

Andhra Pradesh has the rich source of Minerals and stones in India. The State is top in producing and depositing mica. Minerals found in the state include limestone, Oil and Natural Gas, Manganese, Asbestos, Iron, Ball Clay, Fire Clay, Diamonds, Graphite, Dolomite, Tungsten, Silica, Galaxy granite etc. There are so many power plants are situated in the state.

King’s Social Services Association, East Godavari

Add.: 3-52 Main Road, Burugupudi
East Godavari
Pin: 533292
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 91-883-6452350
Email: kingssocialservicesassociation@gmail.com
Contact Person: S. Raaz Prasad
Purpose :
Aims/Objectives/Mission : To carry on charitable work such as establishing and maintaning orphanages for orphans and destitute children, homes foraged widows, asylums for blind and crippled. Medical and health sanitation, eye camps and drugs distribution in rural area, hiv/aids awareness, village/cottage industries by giving training in tailoring, embroidery, lace, cane works, carpet weaving, coir works toys manufacturing, computer and internet operation, children and woman development, development of literacy by establishing schools, conducting sports and games, provide library in rural areas.

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